Fort Worth City Council to Vote on Redistricting Task Force Recommendations

At its upcoming meeting, Tuesday, April 6, the Fort Worth City Council will vote on a resolution to accept the final report of the Redistricting Task Force. The report recommends procedures for redistricting and a set of criteria for district maps to follow. The report doesn’t include a recommendation to adopt an independent redistricting commission (IRC) for the 2023 cycle but instead suggests that the Council “acknowledge” the Task Force’s recommendation to study the creation of an IRC in time for municipal redistricting following the 2030 Census:

2. That the City Council acknowledges the following recommendations by the Redistricting Task Force but defers action on these recommendations pending consideration after the 2021 municipal elections.

b. Charter review task force: The City Council shall appoint a charter review task force that would study and make recommendations concerning the advisability of establishing an independent redistricting commission. Upon formation, the charter review task force shall, after providing for full and meaningful public participation, submit its recommendations to the City Council in time for redistricting to proceed on an orderly basis promptly after the 2030 federal census.

Full text of the resolution here: