October update

Fort Worth City Council Redistricting has started   October 29, 2021   Contact: Fernando Florez (817) 239-0578  

Friends,   As we have said repeatedly, it’s important to have a diverse city council, which reflects the race and ethnic composition of our city’s population. That’s the reason we initiated the campaign and fought so hard to add two more city council districts in time for the 2023 election and have pushed so hard for an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) or a hybrid to draw the redistricting map.      If you haven’t heard or figured it out, unfortunately, we are not going to have an Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) or a hybrid of some sort drawing city council districts during this census cycle (unless we conduct a petition drive and force the city to do it).       It’s disappointing; but, although the final word on city council districts’ maps will remain in the hands of the city council, as always, we influenced the redistricting process. One significant change is that this time city council maps have to be drawn in a completely TRANPARENT manner. This means hat maps have to be drawn at meetings open to the public, eliminating private behind the scene deals made between incumbent council members or individuals. The first city council map drawing work session has taken place and can be accessed on the following You Tube  link:     
https://youtu.be/FUdW5i5lNGE        This is a long video, but it will give you a good idea of what map drawing is like. The city council is starting with two maps, one each submitted by councilmen Cary Moon and Jared Williams.      I represent the  United Hispanic Council of Tarrant County (UHC) and I am also a member of Fort Worth Citizens for Independent Redistricting, a multi-race and ethnic group. This census cycle is different from previous ones in one significant way: The Hispanic and Black populations are more scattered throughout the city than ever. The total population of the city is now 918,915 and we are currently engaged is drawing a city map, too. We’ve had four mapping sessions of about three hours each and will finish it soon and submit it to city. Our map will be better than anything we’ve ever had, but it has to be adopted by the Redistricting Task Force first and then the city council itself after that.      The city council has another mapping session on Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 1 p.m. There is time for you to get involved in map drawing. Many, many thanks. Please don’t hesitate to contact me you have any questions.   Fernando Florez (817)239-0578