Citizens for Independent Redistricting Fort Worth

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The Solution to Drawing
New City Council Districts

In 2021, the Fort Worth City Council will expand from 8 to 10 districts. Currently, elected city council members determine the boundaries of their own districts. We believe that power shouldn’t belong to council members and that there’s a better way. Independent Citizens Redistricting Commissions have been used in statewide elections in Arizona and California, and voters in 4 other states passed similar initiatives in November 2018. The City of Austin used this process to draw its city council districts in 2014.

We are “Citizens for Independent Redistricting Fort Worth”, and we want to see an independent citizens redistricting process enacted in our city.

Instead of city council members picking the precincts most likely to vote for them, we believe that citizens should decide the boundaries of their own community districts. While congressional redistricting by citizens is now being practiced in about a half-dozen states, Austin is the only Texas city that has adopted it. We can accomplish the same in Fort Worth with the help of a diverse group of citizens and civic organizations that support this concept.

There are several compelling reasons for considering independent citizen redistricting at this time. In 2020, we will have a new census and shortly thereafter, the city council will add 2 new districts.

Anticipating these coming changes, the city’s Race and Culture Task Force recommended that Fort Worth consider adopting an independent citizens redistricting process.

The city council rejected the Task Force’s recommendation with the intent of holding onto its direct control over the drawing of district lines. We believe the choice should be put to the voters. Do you believe elected leaders can draw the boundaries of our municipal districts free from any temptation to gerrymander safe seats for themselves? Or do you believe that citizens are better qualified to protect our community and neighborhood integrity?

That’s the choice that Fort Worth citizens should be allowed to make for themselves. Join us in demanding that the city council order a charter election to determine the future of redistricting in Fort Worth!

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